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Books are just the beginning....

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“The Reach Out & Read program is so much more than a children’s book…it’s Magic!”

Reach Out & Read Illinois incorporates children’s books into doctor visits. But the books are just the beginning.

A book in the exam room helps pediatricians build relationships with families and enables conversations about the importance of reading, singing, playing and language interactions during the critical period of brain growth. These books open doors for deeper connections within the community.

The ROR program seems like magic, but it takes a lot of hard work from pediatricians, coordinators, champions and leaders to make it happen!

This year, Reach Out & Read Illinois has supported over 126 Illinois clinics. Over 150,000 children have experienced the magic of a children’s book – but more than that, have felt a connection to their pediatrician, their neighborhood and their community.

Experience the magic of a children’s book with us this year! Join us on our journey to expand the Reach Out & Read program and deepen connections for our children who need it the most.