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Books Make a Difference!

Pediatrician doors are open, let's help them serve Illinois children.

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Your support will help us make sure clinics receive new diverse books in Illinois during this crisis.

A book is more than just words and pictures on a page. It’s a catalyst for bedtime stories and snuggles, life lessons, and caregiver bonding. What children see – and do not see – in books makes a lasting impression. Over 42% of children’s books feature white protagonist characters, while only 10% feature Black main characters. We are committed to providing diverse and culturally responsive books to our clinic partners across Illinois – but we need your support!

Reach Out & Read Illinois has spent the last 10 months of this crisis focused on making sure our pediatricians and clinics were supported and well-stocked with quality children’s books. Pediatrician after pediatrician has commented on how helpful the books have been during this time.

We need YOUR help to make sure that the books our pediatricians use in the clinic, especially in this crisis, reflect the world we live in.

Our babies, toddlers and infants will be feeling the health, education and economic effects of the COVID19 pandemic for years to come. Reach Out & Read has the chance to make a difference.Make a gift that makes a real impact this year. Join us!