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Can you help more children find their favorite Children's Book this year?

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“When I walk into the exam room with a children’s book in hand, it changes everything.”

When pediatricians deliver a book to a child with the Reach Out & Read program, the clinical room turns brighter, the child’s eyes light up and a relationship between the family and the doctor begins.

And when a child brings that book home, and parents and caregivers settle into the couch to read with their children, the entire family finds comfort in a book. These relationships (between doctor and family, parent and child) are so powerful.

Our communities and families are facing more stress than ever – and our children are suffering because of it. Preventing childhood toxic stress should be our top priority, and new research shows that the Reach Out & Read program helps doctors promote positive childhood experiences and safe, stable nurturing relationships between children and their caregivers, which have been shown to buffer against the harms of stress and build resilience in children.

“When children feel connected and supported in the early years, they are more likely to become healthy, competent, and educated citizens later in life.

This year, Reach Out & Read Illinois has supported over 110 clinics across the state with their programs. Over 140,000 families have been given books in their well-child visits, but more than that, families learn why it’s so important to make cuddling together with a good book part of their daily routine.

When you make a gift to Reach Out & Read this year, it changes everything.